Spokane Tattoos Lasting Longer Than Others

Tattoos age over time, that is inevitable.

Genetics, environment, and lifestyle will affect the appearance of your tattoo over time. Even taking the most fastidious care, aging skin tissue will lose its moisture and elasticity.

Tattoos on dry skin with reduced elasticity fade and soften the contours.  Spokane tattoo artist pay attention to the finer details of the tattoo will fade first, therefore, large tattoos age better and are more stylish than small, intricate patterns in general.

Bold tribal tattoo will change very little over time, while small, complex drawings with fine shading lines is likely to change as you age. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause and also accelerate damage to the skin. Sunlight accelerates the line or colour distortion. Black is especially sensitive to sunlight. Some black inks fade to pale Gray under prolonged sunlight, and some can look like a blue tinge. Bright colours like yellow and white disappear when the skin tan is strong.

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The one thing that can alter the way a tattoo looks – is weight fluctuation. If you lose weight slowly and steadily say 1-2 lbs per week, the skin will retain its elasticity. Moisture also helps the skin maintain its elasticity. The way a tattoo reacts to weight gain varies from person to person, because it depends on where the person carries his weight. The areas where the skin is stretched or areas having more muscles to keep the structure better than sagging or greasy surfaces.

Although most tattoos will change shape when the skin is stretched or contracted, the chest tattoos are probably the most susceptible to irreparable damage after weight gain. Tattooist skills and equipment can change the long-term sustainability of the tattoo.

There is a wide range of flexibility in tattoo colors as well. tattoo colors consist of simple carbon particles. Basis of carbon usually comes from burning wood, cotton, vegetables, India or pen and ink plastic. Professional artists have access to more than 100 different colors. Ink manufacturers are not required to indicate the composition of their products, so the tattoo artists may not know the basis for their chosen colour. However, the plastic-based inks are heavily marketed for their relative stability and resistance. Unfortunately, plastic-based inks also cause more allergic reactions. Although there is no documented study of this available.

If you want to prolong the life and appearance of your tattoo, it is always wise to look after your body from the inside out. Eat a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of fresh water, cut out all the processed foods with their genetically modified ingredients and your body and skin will love you for it, it will glow with each cell renewing its structure with fresh healthy enzymes, your weight will remain stable and your prized tatt will always look great and defy the signs of ageing.