Request an analysis of the company’s current presence in the SEO online environment.

Request an analysis of the company’s current presence in the SEO online environment.

Usually this action separates boys from men, an agency with expertise in the subject has tools that give a detailed analysis of the site and presence in social networks.

You can with a few clicks x-ray the site and clearly explain to the customer what needs to be changed on both the site and social networks.

These are the basic requirements for choosing a good digital marketing agency.

However, companies still need to be aware of other pitfalls in the market.

Take special care of false professionals, as the profession does not have a specific college, there are many adventurers who spend the day on Facebook consider themselves able to develop a digital marketing plan.

Many promise a huge number of Facebook ad-free likes, something impossible today with Facebook increasingly working towards monetization and showing off companies that advertise more and more to the detriment of those who don’t.

Another lie of the market is the promise of being in the top three positions in Google ranking with hotly contested keywords.

This promise is impossible, ( see article on the 10 SEO myths ), Google updates its algorithms quite often (almost daily small updates are made) and a well-placed site today could be on the third page tomorrow.

Another factor is that other companies also have digital marketing planning and are also looking for the first placements on Google and have often been doing this work for a long time and bringing them down is not easy, much less overnight.

Remember, if your business makes a financial investment in advertising, after all, digital marketing is also advertising, you must have a financial return on that investment.

So choosing a digital marketing agency with experience, capacity, and know-how can ensure your business gains in sales, visibility, contacts, and capital.

On the other hand, choosing just for price without checking the above requirements can make the investment shift from being an investment to just an expense and your business will literally have thrown money away.