Rodent Control In Charlotte Needs Different Methods For Different Rodents

Methods Used For Rodent Control In Charlotte


Many homeowners may wonder what Rodent Control | Charlotte CTRLPESTS company can get rid of rodents and insects in their home without calling in a professional rodent control company. They may not realize that rodents can get into a lot of places in a home, especially in basements. They also can get into the walls and even the roof. There are ways to get rid of mice and rats, but it helps to know some basic information about the different methods so that people do not waste their time.

The Best Rodent Control Mehtods

Some of the best rodent control Charlotte NC methods include rodent control, squirrel removal and rodent extraction from crawl space. A simple one-way door can be installed at the main entrance way to prevent squirrels from entering the attic. One should also check for holes, cracks, or any other way an animal can enter a crawl space. In older homes, a squirrel removal company can remove the animals from a crawl space, if necessary. Most companies offer this service on a commercial basis, but a homeowner may contact them if they are going to try it themselves.

Rodent Control Experts Charlotte

Rodent Sealant As Preventative Control

Another way to get rid of rodents is with the use of rodent sealant. This sealant goes around the perimeter of a room and prevents the entrance of animals. However, it cannot get rid of an existing rodent problem. If someone wants to keep a cat in their attic, sealing around the base is not going to work.

Block Out Rodents

When applying sealant around a home, it is important to follow safety precautions. It is a good idea to shut off the water and electricity, and turn off all outdoor lights. In addition, one should vacuum the area using a vacuum cleaner and clean any area that appears to be moist. Insecticide can also be used, but it is not advisable to allow children to come in contact with the insecticide.

Charlotte Homes Traditionally Have Bad Rodent Prevention Designs

If someone in your home still has a rodent problem after applying sealant, then there are other methods for rodent control. One of those methods is to call a pest control exterminator. If someone in your home continues to have issues with rodents, pest exterminators usually utilize sprays that either fog the cage or poison the rodent.

Charlotte Rodent Infestations What To Do?

Finally, it is a good idea to make sure that there are no rodent infestations in one’s home before they become out of control. A good way to do this is to take preventative measures. For instance, sealing cracks around a home, planting good grass and eliminating rodent habitats can all go a long way towards ensuring that a rodent control problem does not develop. In addition, sealing around the baseboards of a home will help prevent rodents from entering a home via an attic. Finally, a sealed entryway to the outside of a home will prevent rodents from gaining access to the exterior.