Video Calls Save Businesses Real Money

Video Conferencing Can Save Your Business Thousands

Video Conferencing is defined as an interactive means of communications between two or more locations. The interactivity is accomplished by various means but the most common include a live video conferencing and audio feed in both directions. Other options include the use of computers for displaying slide presentations and interactive whiteboards that allow others to see what you are writing on it.

Videoconferencing has been around since 1968 in various forms. Many of us received our first exposure to video conferencing by watching the NASA space missions. We saw mission control and the astronauts communicating with each other in real time. We also gained exposure to video conferencing by watching the evening news when they would have several people on live video feeds talking to each other.

A Video Call Is Cost Friendly

The most common way today that we gain exposure to video conferencing is through the use of instant messenger programs. Instant Messenger programs from Yahoo, AOL and MSN have had a href= video conferencing/a capability for many years now. This same concept has made it into the business community to help facilitate communications while reducing costs.

The core technology that has made it possible to have video conferencing is the audio and video compression programs available. This is accomplished by the information being compressed into small packages so they can be transmitted over the Internet or dedicated lines. Video and audio compression software has been improved greatly over the last forty years, meaning that the packets are even smaller and able to be transmitted faster using less bandwidth. This improvement in the quality of the compression software also means an increase in the quality of the sounds we hear and the images we see.

Video conferencing used to mean grainy images and sound quality that resembled a tin can and string. Today, thanks to the improved quality of the software we have, clean, clear and crisp video images and high quality sound. Another benefit of the improvement in the software has been a reduction in the delay that we experience. This reduction in delay has made it possible to have real time videoconferences.

To be a part of a videoconference you will need the following hardware; video camera or webcam, microphone, computer or TV, a set of speakers and an Internet connection. Broadband Internet connection would be best for transmitting the large volume of information that is created and will deliver the best results from an audio and video quality standpoint.

The final thing that you will need to participate in a videoconference is a video conference system. There are two types of video conferencing systems out there. The first would be a dedicated system and the second is a a href= video conferencing/a system. Within the dedicated system you will find three groups – large, small and individual. The large group would be an auditorium full of people and would be part of a convention or stockholders meeting. The small group would be a classroom or boardroom type of a setting and the individual group, which would be one on one types of video conferences.

Each of these different sized groups have their own special needs, which can be the level of expertise that is needed to set them up to the complexity of the equipment that is needed. With the larger groups, you will need very expensive equipment and a high level of training to set one up. The classroom or boardroom type of setting will still need some higher end equipment and training but can be handled by most network administrators.

The individual level requires the least experience to set up and use. Most computers today come with the equipment you need already installed on them. The equipment is basic and you can upgrade it by buying higher end speakers or video equipment or even a higher quality microphone. The software is available for download as part of any modern instant messenger package. There is higher end software packages that can be purchased at your local computer store and they generally work with specific video conferencing services.

There are several video conferencing software and services available such as iVISIT, Breeze and WebEx. They all offer services and higher quality that you will get from an instant messenger program and there is a price that comes with it. You will need to do some shopping here to see who is going to have the best package to meet your individual needs.